Meetings Overview

Beginners' Evenings

The Beginners’ Evenings do exactly what they say on the tin! These are usually the third meeting of the month and are aimed at a beginner level. The meeting is split into two halves. The first half holds three or four beginners talks on a predetermined topic. After a break for drinks, the second half usually comprises of several talks about Astro News, Space Missions Updates and Monthly Notes (what’s happening behind the clouds!) amongst others. All the speakers at a beginners evening are society members.

Non-member visitor entry fees are as follows:

£3 … Adults
£1 … Children under 18 and students presenting a valid NUS card

First-time visitors to Sheffield Astronomical Society are advised to first attend a Beginner’s Evening. There is a much greater chance to chat and get to know us, and the talks are shorter and easier to get into. The multi-talk format is also more engaging for younger visitors.


Speaker's Evening

The first meeting in the month is usually a Speaker’s Evening, where an external guest speaker visits the society and gives a talk to the members and visitors. At the end of the talk is a chance to chat over a drink and a biscuit. We book our speakers well in advance and always request the talks to be aimed at beginner/intermediate level.

Non-member visitor entry fees are as follows:

£3 … Adults
£1 … Children under 18 and students presenting a valid NUS card


Stargazing Live & Sungazing Live

During the winter season from September to March, we hold a monthly Stargazing Live event. It’s your opportunity to look through a telescope and see the stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies yourself. In the summer months we hold a monthly Sungazing Live when we use our specialised Hydrogen Alpha telescope and other instruments to view the Sun. These events are held at various locations around Sheffield and are obviously heavily dependent on the weather!  See Events tab for details of the forthcoming events.

Stargazing and Sungazing Live events are FREE to everyone unless stated otherwise, however any donations will be gratefully received.

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Go Stargazing

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