Coronavirus Update

Firstly we hope you remain safe and well and are following the latest Government advice in these difficult times.

Obviously all society activity has ceased for the foreseeable future – there will be no more meetings until the situation is over.

Since we do not expect you to pay for something that is no longer available, we will extend subscription periods as follows:

Members whose subscriptions are due but cannot pay  for whatever reason will have their membership extended for the duration of the crisis.
Example: Your subscription is due in March but normality is not resumed until June.Your annual subscription would fall due in June and your membership would be deemed continuous.Your annual subscriptions thereafter would continue to fall due in June of subsequent years.

Members who have already paid will have their membership period extended by the same amount of time.
Example: You paid your subscription in September 2019 but normality is not resumed until June.Your next subscription would fall due  3 months later in December 2020.

The Annual General Meeting will be scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of the first month we can resume activities.

The Steve Adams Lecture will continue to fall on the second Tuesday of June, so there will not be one this year

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank you for your support and we hope to see you all as soon as is possible.