Sheffield Astronomical Society Membership

In order to find out more about astronomy and space, you are more than welcome to turn up at any of our meetings, paying the £3 visitor fee (£1 for under 18s and NUS students), then if you wish to become a member at the end of the evening, hopefully after a stimulating few hours, that is subtracted from the membership fee. Or you could just attend the meetings as a visitor, paying the £3/£1 fee each time, until you feel you wish to commit to membership and save some money in the process.

The cost of membership is currently:
Adult: £30 per year (Anyone aged 18 years or above)
Junior: £6 per year (Under 18s and NUS students)

Membership includes:

  • Free entrance to all meetings (22+ per year)
  • Ability to mix and engage with people of similar interests
  • Access to modern computer driven telescopes
  • Monthly newsletter

The Steve Adams Bursary


In his will, our late, former President Steve Adams bequeathed the sum of £300 pounds to the Society with express purpose of paying the annual subscriptions of junior members (currently £6 for a year). The society has also contributed an equal amount, and set up the Steve Adams Bursary, starting at £600. Steve was always extremely keen to encourage an interest in astronomy and spaceflight in the young, and the fund we have established will make it cheaper for young people or families to join us.

How it works

The Bursary will pay the renewal costs of existing junior members and the subscriptions of new junior members. A junior member is anyone who joins or renews their subscription before their 18th birthday. This scheme comes into operation on January 1st 2016 and will continue until such time as the fund is fully used up.


Junior members under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult at our society meetings (this does not apply to our free public observing events).

A delighted Buzz Aldrin at last meets his hero, Steve Adams (Credit: Simon Howard)

A delighted Buzz Aldrin at last meets his hero, Steve Adams (Credit: Simon Howard)

Joining Information

If you wish to join the society, this can be done at any meeting, or you can send a cheque, made payable to “Sheffield Astronomical Society” along with a completed membership form, to the Vice President at the following address:

Darren Swindells
Vice President
Sheffield Astronomical Society
44 Partridge Flatt Road

If you are a UK Taxpayer make sure you read the “Gift Aid” section below.

Gift Aid It

If you are a UK tax payer then please consider completing the gift aid section of the membership form.  This allows us to claim back the tax on your membership fee.  These forms are in pdf format , and you may need to download the pdf reader to view and print it. You can get a separate gift aid form from us at any meeting.

Please ensure you include your full name, address, telephone number and email address with the cheque. We must have all this information in order to claim.