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Beginner’s Evening. Conjunctions, Occultations and Transits. Sheffield_Astro photo
Today’s Sungazing is CANCELLED. No Sun to see. Completely clouded out. Sheffield_Astro photo
@SYPOperations If you want to do some Stargazing in Sheffield, you should probably join
Loitering on motorways in the early hours is likely to get you on @DarwinAwardOffi, plus the light pollution is terrible.
Forecast is reasonable so a few of us are heading up to the Sportsman Inn Lodge Moor @sportsman_LM 7:30pm-ish.
If Sheffield Astronomical Society were to put their beginners evening lectures on line, would you be prepared to donate to watch them live, and be able to ask questions, or prefer to have them recorded and put on YouTube for free. #space #astronomy #eclipse #Sheffield