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Imaging Orion

During the Stargazing evening on Saturday 21st February, Rob Bates spent some time imaging the constellation of Orion and managed to capture some fantastic detail of the nebulae. Orion’s belt and sword with the Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33), the Flame Nebula (NGC2024), De Mairan’s Nebula (Messier 43) and the unmistakeable Great Nebula in Orion (Messier

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The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules (M13 / NGC6205)

Darren’s doing more imaging! This time the target is The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, also known as Messier 13. This was taken through a SkyWatcher Explorer 200PDS telescope using a Canon 1000D camera.

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2013-08-12 Perseid Meteor Downfall !

The society had a wonderful send off for Mayfield tonight as it was our last public event at the site we have used so successfully for the last 14 years. And what a send off it was as it was possibly the best Perseid meteor shower in years. Over 40 people oohed and aahed as

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2012-02-24 Spectacular Sky View

Here is a great picture of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon with the ISS zipping past taken from society President Steve’s back garden on 24th February. The ten exposure second causes the Moon to be very bright but allows the movement of the ISS across the sky to be seen clearly.

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2011-08-09 New Images

Society Secretary Darren Swindells has produced new images whilst on holiday under the dark Exmoor skies in Devon. Darren isn’t happy with the final quality of his new images, as the weather prevented good alignment of his telescope. Intermittent mist and thick cloud kept obscuring portions of the sky, but in the breaks he managed to capture

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2011-07-30 Sun in white and H alpha light

Using a webcam we took some movies of the Sun in white and Hydrogen alpha light which were then processed using Registax.  Here are the results showing sunspot groups 1260, 1261 and 1262 (left to right).  In the Ha image (right) you can also see some prominences around the limb and near the sunspots.

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2011-06-12 Supernova in M51

M51 with supernova 2011dh. The supernova is the bright star on the edge of the galaxy to the left of the galaxy core. Taken by D. Swindells on 2011-06-12 with a Canon EOS1000D set at 1600ISO on a Skywatcher 200PDS Telescope. 18 stacked images of 2-4 minutes each

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2011-03-18 Jupiter and Mercury

Jupiter and Mercury (top) in the evening sky taken by Steve Adams.

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